Policy & Procedure

Policy Review

This policy and procedure is subject to review in conjunction with any such scheduled activity to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of this documented policy and procedure. Should the review committee establish that any formal alterations be made to this document, it is the requirement of the Quality Management Division that such changes be effectively communicated to relevant parties in a clear and prompt manner.

Deviation from this policy
In the event of any deviation from this policy, explicit justification and alternative guidelines need to be provided to the Project Manager of Cornerstone Supreme (Pty) Ltd or her equivalent position in a re- structured context.

Support for implementation
Support will be provided to staff in the form of:

  • Explanatory workshops

The following guidelines will define the learner entry:

All persons aged 18 years and over will have access to training.

Training will be focused on unskilled and unemployed men and women and people with disabilities (of all ages).

Entry-level requirements will depend on the course requirements. Please see relevant learning programme for individual course entry requirements.

A registration form will be completed by every learner and a registration fee may apply.

Learner Entry Process Flow:

Learner to complete registration form

Learner to pay registration fee if applicable, Receipt issued to learner

Copy of ID attached to registration form

Documents filed in registration file

Learner informed of commencement date of course


  • Hands-on workshop

The following guidelines will define the learner entry:

All learners will sign a daily register.

After the second day of absence, the facilitator may investigate.

Persistent and repeated absence may, after counseling, lead to exclusion from further attendance and certification.

Report forms will be completed by the facilitator and signed by both the facilitator and the learner.

Learner Attendance Control Flow:

(Place the shart here)


  • Learner support policy

The following guidelines will define the learner support structures:

Cornerstone Supreme (Pty) Ltd will ensure that the needs of individual learners are identified and that personal development plans are formulated.

Progress will be regularly reviewed, and feedback, support and pre-exit guidance will be given. The learner will be continually involved.

During the learning period guidance and support services will assist learners in choosing the learning pathway best suited to their needs.

Counselling on issues such as HIV/AIDS and family violence may be provided to learners by facilitator and the community liaison person while learners are on course. Case details and action plans will be documented.

Records of placement statistics will be kept and a follow-up record form will be completed. Learners may be visited at the work place in order to provide further support depending on the course enrolled for.

Learner Guidance and Support Procedure Flow Chart
Flow chart showing Guidance and Support during the period of learning:

*Learner access policy

All records of the learners will be kept on file and access to these records will only be granted by management of Cornerstone Supreme (Pty) Ltd. Under no circumstances may information of the learner be made available to any parties without authorisation.

Learners have a right to maintain confidentiality with regards to their personal information, learning progress and other related information. Information of the learner will only be made available to the relevant stakeholders by Cornerstone Supreme (Pty) Ltd such as SSETA ETQA department of the SETA for monitoring and quality review procedures.

Learners may apply for access to their archived documentation and records and a formal request for such information must be made 72 hours prior to the need for the documentation.


*special needs and disability policy

This provision demonstrates the policy position and commitment of Cornerstone Supreme (Pty) Ltd with regard to the education of learners with special learning needs.

Once identified or communicated, the learner with the special need will be assisted in every which way possible to ensure their successful participation and completion of the training programme.

Added support structures in the form of extra mentors/assessors/facilitators will be provided and the processes adjusted within the scope of Cornerstone Supreme (Pty) Ltd ability to do so to accommodate the learner’s needs.

Specialists to bridge the learner’s special need or disability will be acquired by Cornerstone Supreme (Pty) Ltd where possible and practical but the extent and scope of such service delivery will be at the discretion of Cornerstone Supreme (Pty) Ltd.

If access to and from Cornerstone Supreme (Pty) Ltd offices and Training Centre is limited to the use of stair, assistance will be provided to physically disabled persons to access our Training Centre with limited difficulty. Continuous support and assistance will be provided to such learners facing mobility difficulties to ensure they have fair access to our Training Centre and ultimately a quality education.


*Learner entrée,Registration,delivery and assessment administration

All applications for the entry into the program will be handled by the management of Cornerstone Supreme (Pty) Ltd. The need for training will be established by the different departments working in conjunction with one another. Once identified, the findings will be tabled before the training committee and a final decision will be made from there. Upon agreement from the different parties, applications will be handed to the identified individuals for completion.

Completed applications will be followed by a formal notification of acceptance to the training program, which will be the start of the process of registering the learners. Management of the application forms will rest on the training committee who will also be responsible for the correct distribution thereof to the learners. The applications will be considered on a monthly basis during the scheduled meeting of the training committee.

All the learners will be required to complete a registration form, which will act as the basis of the application from the learner to enter into the training intervention. Details on the application forms will be confirmed by the Project Manager to ensure the validity thereof. Details of the learners will be captured on the database, as per the completed registration forms. The management of such applications and application forms will be handled by the training committee.

The various assessors and workplace mentors will be responsible for the day-to-day delivery of the workplace training. They will report back to the program coordinator on a weekly basis with regards to the progress of the learners.

Management of the assessment will happen in a scheduled fashion where the training will be planned according to the required outcomes. Assessment of the learners will be managed by the program coordinator who receive progress reports from the various workplace assessors and compile the progress into a monthly format, reporting to the training committee.

Moderation schedules will also be monitored by the program coordinator and sourced to the appointed moderator for the program. Moderation schedules will be established before the commencement of the program and will be done intermittently during the course of the program. Moderation reports will be reported by the program coordinator to the Training Committee and the Project Manager, who will forward the final outcome to the training committee meeting for the purpose of minutes thereof.