About Us

Cornerstone is a Black Economic Empowerment entity which has been established to fulfill the corporate need in term of identifying, developing the new edge of candidates in order to understand the behaviour and preference of the customer.

In line with the corporate need, cornerstone has availed their services to public and corporate sectors by providing training aligning to contact centre requirement.

For the past 15 years, Cornerstone was known for its quality of training in connection with the call centre and for assisting students in terms of getting them interviewed by mega organization.

Today research has proven that education is no longer a privilege but an advantage , only people who can afford will get educated with regard to that .Cornerstone has made a vow to provide affordable education to the large audience of the world without compromising on quality .Cornerstone did not only capitalized on traditional training method but as well as the latest E-Learning method with Live Video facility through the partnership with KLASPAD ( Innovator Technology Solution provider ) to make sure student access and receive mobile education. This will come as a relief to our community.

Cornerstone with the partnership of Qualifi and Seta offers you a diverse range of training solution which are accredited locally and internationally.



Accreditation Number: Bank-Corne 180502


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Accreditation Number :12255

Cornerstone Supreme (PTY) Ltd – ATC(Accreditation Training Centre)


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