Terms and Conditions

Lecture Based Classes

  1. Class start from 9:00 AM – 15: 00
  2. Psychometric test will be given to all students to assess their logical reasoning and thinking performance .
  3. Exam will be written every Saturday
  4. Result will be available a week after the exam .
  5. Class report can be issued a week after completion of the training .
  6. Certificate will be provided 2 weeks after the completion of the training
  7. Each modules must be passed by a minimum of 50 % .
  8. Should you fail a module , you will be allowed to rewrite that specific module at an additional cost of R 300 Vat. incl . before rewriting management will avail your exam paper for review in order to help you understand where you went wrong .
  9. Should you fail the rewrite , Cornerstone will allow you to re-attend class in connection with the module you have failed and allow you to redo the exam at an additional of R 350 Vat. incl
  10. You should pay for your modules in advance in order to gain access to the lectures and exams.
  11. If a mode of payment arrangement is made , Cornerstone will require a supported letter from management to validate the agreement .
  12. Cornerstone does not refund any amount that has been paid for any of its training irrespective of whether payment was done in part or in full
  13. You may reschedule the training within 3 months of the booking date if you are unable to attend the training for whatsoever reason howsoever arising or you may transfer the booking to an individual that you appoint .