Testimonials and Case Studies

We take our students and client’s businesses seriously. Receiving feedback is an important part of operating an efficient call centre with a focus on quality and customer service. Below are a few examples of the feedback and case studies of work that we have received over recent years.


“I loved taking this course. I have taken a few training classes and they were a bit boring. I liked the fact the trainer (Dube) was very friendly and called on different people. This was a very excellent and well delivered course. It was good fun and informative and well structured. Thank you for everything. I don’t know where to begin and can’t wait for Monday to start applying all the new ideas I have.
Sullyvan Youkabari, Quality Assurance Specialist – August 2016

“I was looking at gaining ideas/strategies to improve our QA form and this course definitely gave me a few.”  – Steevens jr,Call Centre Agent – August 2016

“Cornerstone Supreme Training was very informative and helpful. It described all aspects of a good call center .” – Live Online August 2016 Attendee

“This was my first time taking a course with the College of Call Center Excellence and it was excellent! Lots of great takeaways and networking opportunities. – Caroline Miruho  – Call Center –  April 2016

“Great experience, we are going to promote sending additional staff!” – Call Center  –  April 2016

“This was a great course and provided helpful information. It will bring great success to any manager.”
Brandon Y – Call Center Campus – Randburg – April 2016

“It was great interacting with others who are going through the same thing that we are…struggles and triumphs!”
Call Center Campus – Randburg – April 2016

“The instructor was excellent and had a great personality! I really enjoyed this course.”
Suzette Martin, – Call Center Randburg – April 2016

“This was a great experience. I learned a lot and am taking back some practical tips about QA to share with my team. I also enjoyed the feedback from others that attended.”
Call Center Randburg– April 2016

“There were a lot of great insights and best practices identified that we’ll be considering as we are in the process of evolving our QA program. Thank you!”
Online Call Centre course – February 2016

“The course was extremely helpful specially for me being new in this QA thing. As an introduction to what QA is it`s absolutely accurate and it involves all the aspects that needs to be known before getting started. So in most cases this is very useful also for people that has been working as QA for years, where actually this type of information gets forgotten or is good to keep it fresh once in a while. The entire course made me fell anxious and happy about starting with this and it also helped me to improve the basic knowledge I had previously for what QA means. I would like to thank Edgar for her expertise and kindness.”Mara Bila, Customer Service and Quality Lead – November 2015

“I feel I have learnt a great deal from this course which I can take back to my manager and make the necessary changes we were looking at doing to our current assessment form. The course really helped us think outside the box.” Reshmi Prasad – Book keeping. – Live Online July 2015

“I enjoyed every minute and learned a lot of new ideas to incorporate in our QA Department.” Live Online Attendee – July 2015

“I loved it look forward to working with you again!!!!!” Annette Marry, Customer Service Representative – April 2015

“Cornerstone Supreme has assisted in moving our call center to the next level and provide us a differentiation in our market.” John Mulimbi, November 2014

“This experience was invaluable. Being able to meet peers and discuss successes and challenges, was a great learning and growth experience.” Call Center Randburg, November 2014

“This course is a great option if you are building the foundation of a Quality Program or if you have an established one. It gives a lot to consider and good examples of ways to structure quality forms, scoring, coaching and calibration sessions. Very comprehensive course. Thank you for the opportunity.” Vicki Shakira-Training and Quality Specialist– June 2014

“I feel that this was very informative and helpful as far as giving insight to not only Cornerstone Supreme’s process but also the process that other company’s are currently using.” Online Course – June 2014

“The training was very informative!” Heidi Ben, Project Consultant,  TeleServices

“My experience was great. I was able to take away some useful information back to my team and plan to implement some changes based on what I learned. This was a great training and it was very detailed and impressive. Great job!”  Online Course – January 2014

“Stephane was very knowledgeable! She was able to answer all of our questions. She did a really good job sharing on best practices.” Call Center Randburg, November 2013

“I loved the best practices examples provided to help us realize where we are to the rest of the industry.” Call Center Randburg, November 2013

“This course is right on target for Call Center QA and all of the components. The instructor was well spoken, very educated and provided great scenarios and suggestions. The attendees shared a lot of their processes and offered to assist.” Robin bacoss, November 2013

“It was great to meet all of you and hear your thoughts and ideas. The lecture and open discussion were extremely valuable even for a small group like mine. I’m redesigning our call monitoring as well as tweaking our new Rep onboarding… Thanks to all of you!” Gracia bentchi, Team Lead, Training and Support, November 2013

“Just wanted to send everyone a note of thanks for all the ideas and concepts that were shared during our open discussions. Along with the excellent class materials, I was able to learn and pick up quite a few new ideas and methodologies during these sessions and for that I want to say thanks to one and all.” theodore domingues, November 2013

“My experience taking the online class has helped me a lot. There is a lot of information that I will be taking back to the QA Team and Administrative Staff.” Kyana Bernard, Quality Workforce Analyst, Advocate Medical

 “Stephane was a wonderful presenter. She is well spoken and very versed in this field. I appreciated her knowledge and understanding of quality and the struggles that we face daily.” Brian, September 2013

“I am a Quality Assurance Specialist and I felt like the presentation and the way the information was presented was in a unique manner. Although it was a conference via web and phone, everyone was still involved and Stephane, our training facilitator welcomed discussion. She was very encouraging and she made us really think about our processes from a company’s perspective. As I mentioned above, I would definitely recommend Cornerstone Supreme’s again because the training was very informative and the training curriculum that was covered was also in detail and precise.” Doba Arnaud, Quality Assurance Specialist, – January 2013

“It was an exceptionally fulfilling experience! Learning new approaches, sharing ours, clarifying/validating the best practices we employ and networking in an open, engaging and interactive environment.” Tania Beranger, Quality of Service Manager– November 2012

“I was especially excited for our Company to invest in the Quality Assurance Specialists to become certified in the area that is very important to our Customer Care Center. The price was affordable and the timing was accommodating. After the first session, we sat together with our manager and talked about our first day experience and what we learned. The information provided was organized and flowed well and the feeling was unanimous that this course was well worth the resources spent for us to attend. All three of us took ideas and examples from the course that we will use in our monitoring and providing feedback for our customer service reps.” Online Tranning – September 2012

“This is a very good course for beginners and experienced quality assurance professionals. It reinforces and re-orients individuals to the basic fundamentals that must be in place as well as additional options, ideas, tools and methods to consider employing. Thanks again for a very informative and interactive training session. I Really enjoyed it and found it very helpful with some of the changes we are in the midst of making in our program.” Mihindou Grace– November 2012

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